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Pulsar Top 10 – Summer 2015

The time has come for a new seasonal compilation from your favorite trance record label. Pulsar Recordings offers its latest Pulsar Top 10 – Summer 2015 album for a free download as a one hour nonstop mix of pure, blissful trance music that we had the pleasure of showcasing it to you in the past few months.

The mix kicks things off with “Taichi” by Lanx, an oriental track that’s coming from the Far East straight to your speakers; serving as an amazing opener. The journey continues with Aleksandar Radicevic’s latest uplifting outing, “Elevate” which has a new talent Ayk on the remix duty. From here on the mix starts getting even more intricate with producers like Anbandoned Rainbow, Dave Marxon, Sound Apparel, SoundGate and other new talents that you will find in the tracklistings below.

To conclude everything; we finish this summer edition with a spirit lifting vocal trance track by Xian & Entranced which always manages to restore our faith in the things we believe in. On behalf of the Pulsar team and its artists, we sincerely hope that this mix compilation will give you the enjoyment you crave for in trance music, get inspired and use this power to inspire others around you.


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Pulsar Top 10 – Spring 2015

New year means new resolutions! The time has come to bring you a new edition of our quarterly released Top 10 compilations. The first of the year 2015 is the spring edition that marks another milestone in our trance journey with some of the best tracks we have brought to you in the past few months.

Selecting the tracks for these compilations has always been the hardest task for us, as you eventually must leave out some of them. Each and every track has something special to it and doesn’t matter if it’s at place 5 or 10, we just don’t care about ranking them as some of you have thought that we are doing so. We first and foremost make sure the mix flows in a best possible way, which really decides the order.

The mix, which is also offered for free download, starts with a high paced tempo from the start with Denis Sender’s awesome driving tune called “Liquid Dreams”. Other works that made quite a buzz on our social networks which are also part of the mix include “Keep Love Alive”, “Total Annihilation” & “Wings Of Destiny”. With such an array of beautiful and intricate tracks you just can’t go wrong. We here at Pulsar sincerely hope that everyone will find some time off to thoroughly check these works of art.


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The Best Of Pulsar 2014

Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and prepare yourself for an amazing journey where we will define the true meaning of trance music with some of our best works from this year, all joined together in a two non-stop mixes.

We start the things off with Skysha who welcomes us with his magical guitars that set the first tones just right. From there on, the mix picks up with faster paced tracks until we reach the whopping 140bpm, which stays on this level in the second part of the mix as well. However, it’s not just about the pace, it’s more about the story and emotions portrayed in these masterpieces, each one having something unique to reveal and to whisper to your ears.

The producers that are behind it should be already familiar names to our regular listeners, including Sound Apparel, Raytheon, Ahmed Romel, Robert Vadney, Farzam & Ascania with many others who you will find in the tracklistings


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