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The Best Of Pulsar 2016

The time has come to present our best works of 2016 through an album mix compilation which has become a trademark of Pulsar Recordings in recent years. Two continuous mixes play over 2 hours of the finest trance music where you will hear some of the best producers of the moment, showcasing their amazing musical skills.

The things kick off with Marian Closca’s space inspired, futuristic track called Battlefield. From there on you will be greeted with a variety of talented artists like SoundGate, Masaru, Andy Groove, Attila Syah, Delta IV, Tuneflux and many others whom you will find in the tracklists below.

To make this journey complete, we have decided once again to share the continuous mixes in free form with everyone who appreciates this thing we call trance music.


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The Best Of Pulsar 2015

The time has come to sit down and recollect our thoughts on everything. From the things we have been doing, to the things that we are striving to bring next. The end of year is a perfect time for us to draw the line and create two mixes which reflect our best releases of the year, carefully selected and even more carefully mixed.

The first part of the mix starts with a powerful, club driven track called Dark Legacy by Dr. Clarke & Andrew Henry which was heavily supported by some of the biggest names out there like Markus Schulz. The things get going really fast from there with amazing tunes by Denis Sender, Chris Jennings, Andy Groove and many others. Part two starts more laidback, but with an equal amount of magical melodies that slowly carry us away until we reach the grand finale with the Mozart of Trance known as Sound Apparel.

As the tradition suggests, this year mix is once again being given away for free to all of our loyal fans, whom we would like to thank the most this time. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for still believing in us, and for helping us keep the true spirit of trance still alive.

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