Pulsar Recordings Needs Your Help

Since only a handful of people support our work and buy our releases, we’re now facing major problems to keep Pulsar alive.

Over the past several years, the electronic dance music industry has blown up exponentially, with festivals bringing together tens of thousands of music lovers around the world. But this has led to a change in the sound of the music, leaving many trance fans wondering if their beloved musical genre is coming to an end. That is where Pulsar Recordings comes in.

We, as members of the Pulsar team, are dedicated to bringing you real progressive, melodic and uplifting trance – music that stays true to its origins and provides its listeners with the goosebumps & spine-shivering sensations that we all crave for. This decision, however, comes at a great cost.

Trance music, as you may know, is not a commercially viable industry, and in order to stay true to our promise, we have forsaken many potential financial opportunities. As such, we are forced to kindly ask our fans to donate whatever they can in order for our label to survive and continue releasing the best tunes in trance.

You can email your donations via PayPal to


UPDATE (May 8th):

Some people have started to doubt the truthfulness of our campaign,
this video will hopefully give you the required insights to it.

Detailed sales report:

Promo video for ‘Raytheon – Blade Run’ release here:
UPDATE (May 21st):

We’re more than happy to announce that Pulsar is back on track, and that our fans have saved our beloved label! This is a special video message dedicated to all of them!


Once again big shoutout to all these people that helped us save Pulsar:

Seth Miller
Mario-Luca Hoffmann
Maier Vasile
Lisa Rist
Franco Nerstini
Dmitry Bobrowsky
Chunhao Lu
Christian Sprung
Cherida Davies
Birgit Dreiskemper
Francois Perreau
Gregory S. Billingham
Barbara Sobel
Andon Kiryazov

And all others that showed their outstanding moral support!
Our promoters view on all of this after the campaign ended can be read here.

To ensure the life of our label, monthly subscriptions are now introduced.


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