In late 2017 the Pulsar Recordings founder, Nicholas Antony, announced the closure of the label after running it successfully for 7 years, feeling that his creative potentials were exhausted.

Today the story of Pulsar continues with Nicholas Antony remix of Aeden’sFragile Flame” a single that is being given a new life just like our label. The remix comes delivered as a powerful and emotional trance track with such a beautiful and mesmerizing breakdown.

“With this remix I want to announce a second coming of Pulsar Recordings, where I will be only releasing my own music for the time being. I can’t say for sure that I’m still ready to work on other people’s music but I would like to give myself enough time to carefully consider where I want to head next”, says Nicholas.


Nicholas has decided to start working on other people’s music sooner then we thought, so this means that we are also going back on our track.

Exciting times are upon us!