Dear Pulsar fans,

We have a few important announcements to make.

First of all our “Best of 2017” album is now released on all stores and can be listened here. Sadly, this year we are not having a DJ mix and a free download provided as we feel that we have exhausted our creative potential with these concepts. However, we still felt the need to highlight our best works in a simple compilation like this.

Second and most important thing, in 2018 you won’t be hearing much from us, we might release a few tracks or simply close the label down after some time, the final decision is still not made.

This is what our owner Nicholas Antony, who is also the main driving force behind the label all these years had to say about this:

“There are many factors that have led up to this decision. Fans should know that we sign tracks way ahead of the official release dates and it was becoming evident from the mid 2017 that we were going to have a poor 2018 quality wise. When I looked back, I reminded myself why I started Pulsar. It was to release great tracks from unknown producers that I personally loved listening myself, tracks no other label wanted to sign for whatever reason.

I had two choices, to sign new works that didn’t really excite me and continue with something which I didn’t really believe in, something to just get the business going. OR make a pause, clear the schedule and only sign selected works from time to time.

After some hard thought and a few weeks of reflectiveness I decided to go with the second option as Pulsar was never purely business oriented, but most importantly I didn’t want to betray myself by releasing lower quality works that just strayed ahead from my original vision.

There is also some positivity in all of this for my creative mind, as this change will give me more time and more freedom to fully start focusing on my own musical projects, which I hugely neglected due to all the work that I was doing for other artists on Pulsar these past 7 years.

I hope that the fans of Pulsar will understand this decision, as it wasn’t an easy one.”