The Gatekeepers Of Trance are excited to bring to you another new signee on the label. This artist hails from Italy and brings us an uplifting, positive tune with that familiar ethereal feeling. His name is Mike Demirele and the track is called The Chosen One. Soothing intro serves as a perfect basis for the beautiful breakdown which features those female vocals coupled with an amazingly driving lead sound which is later on enriched with the gliding flute like synths, giving us even more pleasure as we listen.

On the remix duty of The Chosen One we have James Kitcher from UK who gave the original production even more spice! The female vocals have even deeper feel while the breakdown is a completely different story on its own. Those magnificent piano melodies and plucked synths feel like we have entered into another dimension where only beauty resides. The journey doesn’t end there, instead it picks up the pace and provides an uplifting full-on treatment, fulfilling the needs of all the euphoria craving heads out there.


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