It’s time for a new introduction of another talented Polish producer. He goes by the artist name of Michael Flint and he brings us a track that is in tune with the Mother Nature itself, hence the name Full Of Nature. It starts with pushing bassline and bright synth stabs, but we are eagerly waiting for that breakdown. And as soon as the piano and singing birds open the door to the beautiful nature scenery we’re left speechless. The fragile piano melody guides our way, playing slowly and graciously until the introduction of the plucked synths that soon gain momentum and take our soul to the higher place of existence.

The remix duty of Full Of Nature is handled by the producer with whom many of you are already familiar with, it was just a matter of time when we were going to work with this young talent again. Dreamy returns with the uplifting weapons to showcase his own vision of this already magnificent track. The intro starts on a more serious and darker note with a mix so driving that will push the club systems to the limit. Breakdown provides a soothing rest from the banging beats and introduces those familiar leads from the original, but this time with even more strength and power.


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