After more than 5 years in existence, Pulsar Recordings has been trying to bring you the most emotional and euphoric trance there is out there. Today we are proud to bring you our 250th release, but we’re also little sad as well, because the track that is marking this milestone is dedicated to our producer’s friend who passed away, a girl named Yui.

The producer behind this emotional masterpiece is Masaru Hinaiji who has put his heart and his soul into this track. Beautiful melodies and heart-felt pianos are combined with those sad violins that make this composition one of a kind. This proved to be an amazing tribute to Yui, who we hope, can feel our positive vibrations in her afterlife.

We would like to thank Masaru for this amazing tribute and also all of our fans who are still supporting our work. Without you we couldn’t have reached this milestone and be where we are today.

Thank you ♥


Now available on all stores here.