Pulsar Recordings is back with its first release of 2016! What better way to start things off then with a beautiful track by a new up comer on our label who already released his debut single with us last year and goes by the alias Delta IV. His newest track Only Heaven is exactly what the title suggests. After a more progressive driven intro that introduces a part of the main leads, we are greeted with one amazing breakdown which continues the story of his previous release ‘Sunrise’. Magical piano melody takes over, bringing us instantly into the trance dreamland. Pads start carrying us further away on its wings, until the arpeggiated synth comes forward and introduces a packed, uplifting dropdown.

On the remix side of things we have an artist with whom we already worked on a few titles of ours, avid trance listeners should be familiar with his work. He comes from Australia and you should know him by his artist name, Gary Afterlife. Gary provided us with another progressive take, something that has become his specialty over the years. We’re talking about those slower intros with all sort of FX flying around, spacey breakdowns and stabbing dropdowns. You will find all those elements here, where he perfectly adapted the outstanding original track to his signature style.


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