Few months ago we released a beautiful trance track by a Turkish producer JosephAli called Take Me Away which featured two versions. Today, we are prolonging the life of this single by introducing two outstanding remixes by our in-house producers.

We first begin with a remix by Andy Groove who is making outstanding reworks for us all over the place without a hint of slowing down! This newest one begins with a steady pace and rich pads which create a relatively calm, bright atmosphere. Breakdown relies on those familiar ethereal voices and mesmerizing piano melodies, all spiced up with magical plucks that proceed to a more progressive driven dropdown.

Derek Palmer, a trance producer from USA, who was already featured as a remixer couple of times on our label, now gets another chance to showcase his skills. The remix starts in a more uplifting manner, with strong bassline and fast paced percussion that also loops one part of the piano melody that is yet to be heard in its full beauty. Breakdown also features the ethereal female vocal which was the signature of the original track, but here; the piano melody is in the highlight and it’s working wonders. It doesn’t take long before we hear the plucks and those big kick rolls that lift us up and carry us away; in one sweet, uplifting dropdown.


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