Trance brothers, we would like get you updated with the future developings and ongoing changes within our label.

We are working on a number of artist albums, more then we’ve ever been. After our 200th release and Marian Closca’s debut album, next one is going to be the already announced Robert Vadney’s first, full-on trance album, which will be released by our Pulsar Dark sublabel.

Another artist who got a lot of attention in the last couple of years was Dominik von Francois. We are also proud to announce that he will be making a comeback with a new artist album, an amazing follow up to the Tears Of Infinity which will be a new leap into the undiscovered territories of most beautiful melodic trance. If everything goes right it should be here already this November!

Not only that, we’re also revamping our old compilation series, which our old fans should remember, Pulsar Stars, but from now on, all tracks will be exclusive and never heard before. Should we also mention that Raytheon is working on his new single, and that Sound Apparel is almost done with the next masterpiece.

However, all of this work is forcing us to close doors on other things, this is why we’re putting halt on our Pulsar Top 10 compilations and our regular single release schedule will be changed to bi-weekly.

As you can see, an exciting end of the year is awating all of our trance listeners! And you guys are a big part of it, truly thank you for your ongoing support.

Your Pulsar Recordings