Pulsar Recordings reaches another milestone, this time it’s our 200th release. Can you really believe we have made it this far? Neither can we, but with our hard work and your outstanding support anything is possible.

For this special occasion we have prepared a special release, a full pledged artist album by one of Romania’s best kept secrets in the trance scene. You might remember him by those awesome tracks such as ‘Steam Traveller’, ‘Quantum Fighter’, ‘In Memory Of Sunland’ and many others. His name is Marian Closca and he brings us his debut artist album called TREE OF LIFE.

The journey begins with ‘Celestial’ a truly magical song that has come down straight from the heavens above, serving as a perfect opener. We continue on a more serious note as we’re branching off to ‘Ancient Extinction’ that carries that deep and spacious sound. The next up is ‘Symphony Of Colors’ and from the very start you can feel the magic already. Those bells, amazing choirs and beautiful piano melodies all dance together to provide that full chill out pleasure. ‘Sophia’ & ‘Beautiful Afternoon’ continue in similar fashion but with different textures and expressions.

The new chapter begins with a track called ‘At Dawn'; we start hearing those familiar trance beats that you probably craved for, and they have come at the right moment. The main opus of the album is still kept with serene and light feathered sounds. ‘Pacific’ revamps that old analogue feel but with a new twist and at some parts you will feel like you’re floating away in a vast ocean. The ‘Tree Of Life’, a track after which the album is named after; gives us that uplifting trance enjoyment, full of positive notes, bringing a smile on our face. ‘Gravitiy’ continues with that same uplifting emotion but here it feels more profound, more emotional and even more personal, a spot on track to end this one of a kind artist album.

To conclude everything, Marian decided to include one experimental track on which we gave him our full approval. This one is called ‘Autobots’ and it feels like the Japanese game music of the 90’s but only this time made faster with those trance beats and unique psy basslines.

This outstanding album concludes the 200th release of Pulsar Recordings, a record label that has strived to provide you with the finest trance experience from its first release, to this one you’re hearing today.

Release Date: August 14th, 2015.

Album Tracklistings:

01. Marian Closca – Celestial
02. Marian Closca – Ancient Extinction
03. Marian Closca – Symphony Of Colors
04. Marian Closca – Sophia
05. Marian Closca – Beautiful Afternoon
06. Marian Closca – At Dawn
07. Marian Closca – Pacific
08. Marian Closca – Tree Of Life
09. Marian Closca – Gravity
10. Marian Closca – Autobots

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