Pulsar Dark welcomes Dr. Clarke with his debut release featuring not one but two original tracks of his! The first work is titled Tears Of Darkness and it starts with tribal percussion and mysterious synths that keep rising together and dropping its first big beat. The track keeps going and pulling us further into its twisted world. In the breakdown you will witness one of the most dynamic build ups we have ever heard. Dr. Clarke executed this with such perfection and precise element placing, that the dancefloors on which this track gets dropped on will scream of excitement and anticipation for that dropdown. The actual climax delivers the swirling synth that continues that tribal feel and keeps building further on with occasional synth stabs and mysterious vocals.

The second track by the French producer is called Eye Of Horus and starts with a similar dark feel as Tears Of Darkness. Only this time we’re traveling back in time, to be precise 5.000 years in time. We quickly find ourselves in mysterious setting of ancient Egypt that welcomes us with echoed female vocals and stringed instruments whose vibrations speak the sounds we never heard of before. Those wavering sounds feel mysterious, but in some way attractive to our senses, and before you know it, the track will put you under its spell. All you have to do is let go, dream away and explore the surroundings of this old and odd place before you wake up.


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