Pulsar Recordings has launched many new talents onto the trance scene that are getting more recognized with each day. Now it’s time for another new producer, coming to you from Belgrade, Serbia with a release titled Proton by a guy named Aleksandar Radicevic. Our countryman has created an amazing trance track that will captivate your senses from the very start with its magical plucks. Softly, we enter the Proton’s heart and soul that reveals dreamy bell sounds, which suddenly get replaced by a mighty stabbing synths, only serving as a base for introduction of a lead that will stay in your head for some time, when you hear its catchiness.

Alternative version for Proton is provided by the trance scene’s finest, mister Ico from Sweden, presenting us with his Twisted Design remix. The track is characterized by a fast rolling bass line and overall dark and tech sounds taking over. However, the darkness of the track is shattered in breakdown by a bright melodious piano that gets joined by the synths from the original, proceeding to a banging dropdown.


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