With honour and great pleasure, Pulsar Recordings is proud to present to you its first ever artist album, a production by no other than the phenomenal Dominik von Francois.

Tears Of Infinity’ is a trance album like no other, an emotional masterpiece led by a piano that plays with the listeners’ hearts as it moves along and is joined by a myriad of sounds that dance along with it.

The album starts off with ‘Peace’, a tune as tranquil as its name indicates, with a rhythmic backdrop and a bass that collapse in the breakdown to bring out the glimmering atmospheric pads, before the piano makes its debut as it holds the listeners’ hands and walks with them along a quiet and serene beach.

Rapidly, the tune changes pace, building up with a thick synth. But it’s soon joined by a breezy flute melody that slowly and steadily brings the track back down, and the album seamlessly moves towards ‘Panorama’, where the beautiful piano melody leads the way throughout the track as it teases the listeners before it moves forward in the breakdown.

And this is just the beginning, as ‘Tears Of Infinity’ slowly builds up with ‘Strogressive’, ‘Elemental’, ‘More Than Binary’, ‘Symbiosis’, and ‘Memoria’ – all stunning heart-felt and pumping tunes that could easily stand on their own.

Easing the mood after the emotional trip, ‘Whimsical Winds’ comes along, with its light-hearted loop that dances with the listeners. But it’s not long before the tune comes rushing down, and von Francois’s warm and touching signature sound returns, this time featuring a guitar harmonizing with the melody and leading its way towards ‘Wortox’, where it backs out and lets the piano once again ring and echo in solitude.

Ending the beautiful journey with a tune befitting a grand finale, the album reaches ‘Visions’, a chill tune where the piano melody moves along calmly as it drops the listeners off and bids them farewell.


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