Pulsar Recordings is Serbia’s #1 trance record label, established by DJ/producer Nicholas Antony, dedicated to providing its listeners with that pure and blissful experience that real trancers always crave.

After more than a year of releasing some of the finest trance tunes, we’re now happy to present the first volume of the ‘Pulsar Stars‘ series, a compilation of eleven tracks, containing some of the best releases on Pulsar Recordings. The album includes a variety of original as well as remixed versions, all with different sounds that provide different experiences, but one unforgettable journey.

From the colourful and cosmic sounds of Wackii’s ‘Heavens Rage’, to the metallic melody of Dominik’s ‘Romance Today’, we will reach the end with Sound Apparel’s ‘Sadness’, a tune that breathes with despair and ecstatic bliss at the same time.

To make this journey available for everyone who appreciates the real experience of trance, we are offering a continuous DJ mix of this album for free download, in its purest form without any pauses or interruptions.


How can I support your work?

You can buy this album on iTunes and if you really like what we’re doing
you can subscribe to our future releases by becoming Pulsar VIP.


01. M.E.D.O. – Heaven Is Here When You’re Near (Original Mix) [00:00]
02. Andy van Kayne – Gradius (Cymatics Remix) [05:30]
03. Alex Wackii – Heaven’s Rage (Andy van Kayne Remix) [10:39]
04. Addictive Glance – Nobody To Devote (Original Mix) [14:25]
05. Dominik von Francois – Romance Today (Original Mix) [18:00]
06. Ascania – Emerald (Original Mix) [22:03]
07. Max Solar & Next Beat – Future Fusion (Original Mix) [26:58]
08. Bart Panco – Rising Sun (Ikerya Project Remix) [32:18]
09. Peet B – Always & Forever (Original Mix) [38:00]
10. Sensi pres. Dark Dynasty – Pandora Song (Original Mix) [43:43]
11. Sound Apparel – Sadness (Original Mix) [50:00]
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