Andy van Kayne brings us the newest vocal release on Pulsar Recordings, an uplifting song with softly sung, echoing words.

The original mix of ‘Gradius’ starts off with a rising orchestral sound that provides an atmospheric background for the vocals, with lyrics that captivate the listeners and tempt them to sing along.Following the first verse comes the drop of the kickdrum and the bass, giving the tune an energetic and bouncing feeling, and moving it towards a cheerful melody that the vocals continue over.

In the remixed version, Cymatics adds the sound that he has long become known for, making the song even brighter and more colourful. The remix gives emphasis on the bass sounds, adding energy to the track. But the melody drops in during the breakdown, with a more uplifting feeling that rings in unity with the words, giving the song a sense of tranquility, and filling the listeners with emotions and a feeling of serenity.

Promo video for Cymatics version:


Who writes the cards,
that will decide.
The fate of all,
from far await.

Who casts a net,
who draws our sin.
Where does it end,
where does it begin.

No fear us children,
long we play.
We all grow up,
and learn our way.

Sometimes we draw,
that lucky straw.
While others fall,
on stony floor.


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