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Pulsar Top 10 – Winter 2014

Pulsar Top 10 for the Winter 2014 is the last Top 10 of this year from Pulsar Recordings which opens up with Aitra’s ‘Through It All’, a track that features a soothing intro and a great progressive vibe, setting the initial relaxing tone. The mix continues with Airzoom’s ‘Keep Love Alive’ that has such an emotional breakdown, perfect for daydreaming. From there on, the journey gets faster and more intense with Proton, Angel Of The South & Narnia. Included also is a remix of the Pulsar classic Ode To Felix by Ikerya Project. The final part of the mix is on the 140bpm road that defines the true, uplifting trance sound, with the likes of Tuneflux & John Sunlight. Not to forget that we’re always providing the continuous mix for free download which everyone can enjoy in best quality.


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