After an amazing double single release under his Seven alias, Marian Closca is back with yet another one, this Romanian producer seems to be unstoppable. Now it’s time to revive his Skyscape alias.

The first track is called Return To Serenha and starts with a beautiful chilled pads while the steady breakbeat slowly appears from down under together with the mesmerizing piano melody, all slowly working their way to the first beat drop. The journey continues in style and provides a pure pleasure for our ears till the very end.

If the first track wasn’t enough for you, we got even more to satisfy your trance cravings. Playa Mansa as we were told is a beach located somewhere on the Galapagos Islands. This one has that unique signature with driving synths and ethereal musical lines that glide on top of this production so gracefully. When you reach the breakdown the sound of the beach will embrace you and carry your soul to the musical heaven…


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