New vocal release on Pulsar Recordings comes from Japan by the producer Masaru who is slowly becoming a regular artist on our label. This time he collaborated with a vocalist from Poland that goes by the name Angel Falls. Together they wrote an outstanding track titled Tears Of An Angel. It starts with a fast paced percussion and eventually reveals beautiful pads followed by the ethereal voices. In the breakdown the full vocals are revealed, and the story begins to unfold. By the time we reach the second half of the break, everything rises and so do our emotions, the climax takes us on an amazing ride.

The remix duty for ‘Tears Of An Angel’ was handled to the new signee on our label who works under the alias Outside The Bounds. What he managed to create is an amazingly driving take that bursts with power wherever we go. The heavy kick drums, powerful basslines and techy elements all work together to make this track the monster it really is. Not to mention the epic performance of Angel Falls and the newly created leads which push this track beyond the norm. We’re sure to say that this concludes another epic release by the gatekeepers of trance.


How long will we live in the abyss of evil
May the pain disappear
I believe

This world will be freed from pain
There is still a chance
You can stop this again

Gather your courage
The world without grief
Is waiting for you

Don’t lose
You can do it
I’ll be there with you

Calling you

Tears of an angel
Tears of an angel

You can be free
Saying to you
Tears of an angel
An angel
You can let your grief

Calling you

Tears of an angel
Tears of an angel
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