After his outstanding artist album which also marked the 200th release of our main label, Romania’s finest trance talent Marian Closca has decided to explore a more dark and twisted side of things with his latest two track offerings for Pulsar Dark.

The first one is Human Puzzle that is obviously inspired by the ‘Saw’ film franchise and features the voices of Jigsaw from the very start. After a gloomy introduction the adventure begins with a fast paced psy bassline, acid hits and all sort of FX flying around. The craziness of this track doesn’t stop until the very end.

The B side of this record opens up deep by introducing it from the bottom end, and is called Shattered. It features a similar fast bassline but with a more different, darker appeal that goes even deeper than the first one. The progression and the arrangement are so perfectly produced that every section has something new and quirky to offer, always adding more fuel to the fire.


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