Ryota Arai, a producer from the country of the rising sun is back on Pulsar Recordings with his second single called Skyride that continues on the success of his previous release ‘Out Of Reach’ that has put him on the trance map of many trance lovers out there. Today he brings us an elegant track that starts with tight bassline and tingling bell tune. The breakdown from the very start introduces a soft piano melody that is followed by the mellow strings and swirly background sounds. The joy ride continues, relaxing us completely; until the climax comes and introduces new synth lines that are quickly joined by the ethereal flute melody that glides so peacefully.

On the alternative side of things, we have Delta IV who is constantly pushing the envelope and bringing us inspiring originals with unique melodies. Let’s see how he handled his first remix request of Skyride. The start is very promising with heavy beats, big bass and overall tight mastering. The best part is yet to come and that is the heart of the track that is crafted to perfection. The rich pads create a perfect atmosphere for the dreamy piano which resonates so softly within our bodies. And when you think things can’t get any better, trance music proves you wrong. The big drop introduces a new layer of powerful synths that will boost your energy levels even further and take you on a ride till the very end.


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