Pulsar Recordings brings you its newest release by James McGuire with whom you already had a chance to meet on a remix duty for one of our recent releases. This talented UK producer is now back to showcase his original production that goes by the name Victus. The track starts with banging beats from the start and keeps the momentum going by introducing new exciting elements with each new section. Just before the breakdown, synths enter the mix and we already start falling in love with this track as it has that something, that feeling that gets us lost in the moment. By the time we reach the breakdown the track has already won us on its side but it still has much to offer, because once you hear the main leads and that uplifting climax of this piece, you will know you have a track that is going to be your absolute favorite in the upcoming months.

Dr. Clarke, a talented and versatile producer from France who is signed on our sub-label Pulsar Dark, is here to remix Victus in his own style, and this is the first time he is joining us on the main label. His take feels a tad slower than the original and develops the story in an alternative, but interesting way. There’s a certain groove that is keeping things dynamic from the start, and the breakdown here is more spaced out and has a great, light atmosphere going on. However the drop gets things turned around as it throws in the mix a fast and funky leads which have so great. We already see a crowd in the club going mental over this!


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